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ENGINEERING DESIGN & MANUFACTURING SERVICES Incorporated, E.D.M.S., is an engineering design and integration based company. In the broadest scope, we provide design and consultation related to industrial machinery and processes with an emphasis on integration and automation. Our commitment is to help our customers implement the most cost effective solutions to their manufacturing problems so they can gain a competitive advantage and thereby gain market share and increase profitability. We accomplish this goal by a combination of years of “hands-on” manufacturing experience and innovative implementation of the latest technologies.

ENGINEERING DESIGN & MANUFACTURING SERVICES Incorporated, E.D.M.S., designs and builds to meet a customer’s specific need. The process is first demonstrated for the customer in a laboratory environment. Once the process is developed, the concept for the machine is completed with the customer’s specific manufacturing requirements in mind. When a customer’s order for the machine is received, the concept is detailed utilizing the basic machine standard building blocks previously used by E.D.M.S. The build process is accomplished by contracting all major sub-assemblies and tooling to proven outside sources. Machine assembly and run-off is done at the E.D.M.S. facility. The machine design concepts used by E.D.M.S. allow the construction of the machine on a unitized machine base. This concept insures that the machine is fully tested and de-bugged before it is shipped to the customer’s facility.

ENGINEERING DESIGN & MANUFACTURING SERVICES Incorporated, E.D.M.S., has as it’s primary business the development and the design of custom heat treat systems. These systems are developed using induction heating techniques. They can be combined with conventional heating techniques in a hybrid system. The heating system is typically combined with a press quench. The goal of the epic™ group is to work with the customer to provide the most cost effective heat treat process available, utilizing the most advanced processes in heating and quenching technology. E.D.M.S. will deliver turn-key systems including process development through machine build and run-off. In addition to the experience we have with heating different material types, we have a broad based background in controlling distortion of the work-piece during the quenching process utilizing both controlled quench flow and fixture quenching.

ENGINEERING DESIGN & MANUFACTURING SERVICES Incorporated, E.D.M.S., provides turn-key solutions that begin with an understanding of the customer’s needs. We can address projects from the smallest, where we are designing to eliminate a problem in an existing process, or we can develop an entirely new process. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to talk with you about your design, integration, or machinery needs.